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Candid Child Photography Griffith IN

Children between 1 & 5 are fun to photograph. Not always easy, but nearly always fun. We do lots in the studio and enjoy being creative with light and props. This last year we had a few young balls of energy who just did not have the sit and smile attitude for a studio session. For these kids, candid outdoor sessions rock. Ainsley was sooooooo full of energy and such a little character. We started with a few pics in the grass and let her just play with her stuffed toy and a chair, but our favorite time was just letting her run and play in the playground at Oak Ridge Prairie in Griffith IN. Its fun to photograph a child just playing and running around. It requires a long fast lens and lots of sneaky crawling and hiding, and a game of Boo. When you see the results , you know it was worth the fun and games. You also realize this is work and work is awesome!